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Getting My Kid More Ice Time Success Kit

Wait! Before you finalize your journey to transforming your young athlete’s hockey dreams into reality...

What if I told you that with just one simple addition, you could accelerate your child's success on the ice?

Imagine having direct access to the same personal templates that have catapulted countless young athletes into the spotlight of their hockey teams. 

Introducing the 'Getting My Kid More Ice Time Success Kit' – an exclusive collection of Rich Grogan’s most powerful worksheets, checklists, and essential documents. This is your behind-the-scenes toolkit to ensure you make every move count and avoid the common pitfalls in nurturing your child's hockey talent.

For just $27 (down from the usual $97!), here’s what you unlock:

  • Customizable Worksheets: Tailored strategies to boost your child's playing time – fine-tune them to fit your unique scenario.
  • Essential Checklists: Never miss a beat in your child’s development – from pre-game preparation to post-game analysis.
  • Mandatory Documents: The secret sauce of successful hockey parenting – ensure you're always making the best decisions for your child's sports journey.

Why settle for guesswork when you can have the blueprints of success?

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Add the 'Getting My Kid More Ice Time Success Kit' to your order now for just $27 and watch your child soar on the ice – confidently and skillfully.

This is more than just templates; it's the gateway to seeing your child shine brighter in their hockey pursuits. 

Your child’s hockey success story is waiting to be written. Are you ready to be a part of it?

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